Vicinity Manufacturing for Dynamics GP 30 Day Trial

CIS invites you to try Vicinity Manufacturing for Dynamics GP 30 Day Trial…

vicinity-300x59If you are a process manufacturer in north Texas then now is the time for you to upgrade to the #1 ERP business solution with our Vicinity Manufacturing for Dynamics GP free 30 Day Trial. With Vicinity, manufacturers can pinpoint specific problems and opportunities within product lines, manufacturing processes, distribution networks, and marketplaces. Now you’ll know more precisely than ever before what customers and markets to serve, what products to make, and how to make them more efficiently and profitably-with the confidence that everything you produce is up to customer and regulatory specifications.

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NOTE: CIS wants our free trial users to please consult with us before, during and after you try Vicinity Manufacturing for Dynamics GP free for 30 days. It is important that business owners and decision makers understand that Vicinity Mfg for Dynamics GP is a comprehensive solution that ALWAYS needs professional implementation and training. CIS custom tailors the Vicinity MFG for Dynamics GP to your business for an exact fit with total understanding of how to best use this ERP solution.

We hope you enjoy this free 30 day trial and look forward to your questions and comments.