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Vicinity Process Manufacturing Software for Dynamics GP…

 Designed from the bottom up, Vicinity Manufacturing software is specifically designed to meet the numerous technical challenges facing process manufacturers. North Texas manufacturers can rely on Dynamics GP and Vicinity Software to deliver the best formula and process manufacturing technical solution to your production plants.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 is already an amazing ERP business solution which ties accounting, sales, inventory, production and executive reporting into an all-in-one onsite and cloud based solution. Now, take that power and mix in Vicinity Manufacturing software that was designed to work with the powerful Dynamics ERP engine, and you have a process manufacturer’s dream! In the north Texas area there are hundreds of process manufacturers who share some of the same goals in production:

  • Customer/Vendor Maintenance/ CRM
  • Improved profitability
  • Total regulatory control
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Tighter partner communication
  • Improved management
  • More efficient job scheduling
  • Greater inventory control

Here at Custom Information Services, we have found that our clients really enjoy some of the features of Vicinity that actually correspond to positions and phases of process manufacturing. These unique Vicinity software traits include:

The Product Developer – analyzing formulas for their physical and chemical properties and maintaining security permissions over who has the ability to view and produce these results.

Quality Control Technician – from the moment materials and ingredients arrive at the plant until the actual packaged product leaves for store shelves, there is always the expectation that quality control will be at the apex of the production process.

Production Planner – Vicinity allows the product planner to generate a master production schedule which drives the resource requirements and allocates capacity of all production cells.

Production Controller – giving visibility into the location of every batch and matching the generic process steps to the capabilities and availability of actual equipment is Vicinity’s specialty. Vicinity also allows the Production Controller to see the disposition of any batch at any time.

Operations Analyst – drill down into plant operations, product lines and customer histories to make comparisons and draw conclusions about revenue, profit, potential growth and legitimate risks. This is what Vicinity does.

Compliance Officer – from MSDS to certificates of analysis and other certifications – Vicinity allows authorized users to request compliance documents on demand. These dynamically produced docs are always up to date which allows the Compliance Officer to focus on procedures, people and processes.

Vicinity Manufacturing software for Dynamics GP will give your business the process manufacturing power, quality control and reporting that it needs to bring the best products to a competitive market. Try the Vicinity 30 day free trial or download our Vicinity Manufacturing brochure. Please Contact Us if you have any questions regarding Vicinity or Dynamics GP.