Managed Business Disaster Recovery Services & Planning

Business Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning for Dallas/Fort Worth

Statistics show that Dallas/Fort Worth businesses that do not have a tested Business Disaster Recovery Plan go out of business 40% of the time after a major disaster. 

A CIS Business Disaster Recovery Plan will keep your business operational when tragedy strikes

There is no reason with today’s modern technology that a business should be set back or have to shut its doors because of a temporary setback. CIS will provide you with a Managed Business Disaster Recovery Plan that can have you up and running in minutes or hours. For local DFW companies, Custom Information Services provides 24/7 IT support to best ensure that your businesses data is recoverable and secure.

Each year statistically more and more companies are conducting business online. As operations on the web continue to grow, it it becoming evident that businesses need to take the proper steps to protect their content and information online. The way CIS operates guarantees that every business they are working with will be up and running at all times.


Putting out an IT fire in DFW!

If disaster strikes today would you know the answers to these crucial questions?

  • What type of back-ups do you have? Are they local, off-premise or cloud?
  • How long does it take to restore your backups? How often are they completed?
  • Do you have insurance and emergency services contacts to help with needed paperwork?
  • Do you have existing vendor management in place to get crucial hardware and software installed and working?

These are just a FEW of the questions you will need to answer after a disaster. CIS evaluates your infrastructure and software to develop a step-by-step Managed Disaster Recovery Plan that will get you up and running after disaster strikes.

For businesses local to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, we recommend contacting a CIS service agent at (682) 367-1699 to learn more about how your business can protect itself.

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