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With three decades of experience in IT strategies and technology solutions, Custom Information Services has significantly grown to become one of DFW’s premier and most elite IT solutions provider. In fact, CIS is THE preferred IT partner for SMBs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We explicitly thrive on meeting our clients’ technology needs, modernizing their IT approach, and innovating their business with effective IT strategies.

An Elite IT Solutions Provider

With all of the noise and buzzwords out there, you may find that most Information Technology companies either use the REACTIVE model when it comes to solving your technical issues or are just trying to figure out things as they go along. As a preferred IT partner, CIS has created a client-specific, PROACTIVE approach that allows your potential issues to be addressed BEFORE they become productivity problems. The words our clients use most to describe us are, “Experts, Knowledgeable, Partners, and Reliable.” Our approach is to align with your IT strategies with your business model. You will achieve reduced costs, increased productivity, improved workflow, and minimized risk to gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

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