10 Reasons You Should Move to the Cloud

The Cloud in the Digital Age

Have you thought about a move to the cloud? Have you discussed it with other executives at your business? Are you still unsure or just don’t know what the benefits are?

We are in the digital age, where new and exciting technology is revolutionizing the way we do business. Microsoft estimates that 80% of SMBs currently deploy the cloud to some capacity and by the year 2020 60% of global 2000 companies will double their productivity via that cloud.

So, why should you move to the cloud?

Employee Productivity

There is no denying that productive employees have a positive impact on your bottom line. With the cloud, you can automate workflow, increasing efficiency. This will eliminate long and time-consuming manual tasks, which will free up your employee’s time which they can spend on revenue-generating activities. When you automate manual tasks like time tracking, delivering data to customers, or even internal collaborations, productivity will receive a boost.


When your network is in the cloud, all of your online solutions can talk to your other online business solutions. When you host your software programs in the cloud, like your office suite, accounting software, ERP solution, or other custom programs, they can often integrate with other necessary solutions. This allows you to transfer data from one program to another often seamlessly.

Cost Efficiency

Since businesses won’t have to purchase pricey equipment or operate a data center, they can often save a ton of money on hardware, facilities, utilities, and other conditions of their operations. By moving your network to the cloud, you won’t have to purchase any hardware or spend on facility space and utilities.


PwC’s Global State of Information Security Survey reported that over 70% of respondents said their company was using cloud-based cybersecurity services. Typical hardware and software products that are used to fight cybercrime can often come with a hefty price tag. Cybersecurity solutions in the cloud, are often more effective and more affordable. Big tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon have heavily invested in cybersecurity applications and infrastructure to make it safer than ever.

Work Location Flexibility

The cloud enables your employees to participate in operational activities no matter where they are. This allows them to work from home if they need to, check emails while in a doctor’s office waiting room during work hours, or even get important alerts about customer activities. It’s all about timeliness. If your employee is absent or on the road, they still can complete needed tasks and stay on deadlines.

Storage and Data

SMBs are increasingly relying on the cloud as their preferred method of storing data. There are many benefits to storing your data in the cloud, including cost savings and the ability to access your data from anywhere. When your data is stored in the cloud, you eliminate the need for server maintenance, can easily move your data along with you if your office moves, and ease your mind about data loss.

Up-To-Date Software

With SaaS increasingly becoming the standard, the latest versions of your business-critical applications will always be available to you as soon as they are released. Immediate upgrades on functionality and features will reach you sooner, and further assist your employees in being more productive.

Better Access to Better Solutions

After you move to the cloud, you will have access to a multitude of different software solutions and cloud applications. These applications can quickly be deployed giving you immediate access. When you replace old and outdated software with modern cloud managed services, your employees will be able to work more efficiently.

Disaster Recovery

If a disaster ever does hit your business, having your data in the cloud will protect your systems and make it easier to get you back up and running. Cloud systems have 99.9% service availability and perform at much higher uptimes than local servers. The cloud can help your business continue going, even if a disaster strikes.

Competitive Advantage

This Harvard Business Review study found that 74% of businesses reported that by using cloud services, they gained a competitive advantage because of the ease and speed of capitalizing on opportunities. The ability to deliver your products and services quicker, easier, cheaper, and with higher quality is a gigantic business advantage.

The business world in the digital age can often seem complex and increasingly complicated. When you move your systems to the cloud, you enable your organization to stay in-line with the complexities and be as productive as possible. Empowering your business with the best solutions is essential to your success and your bottom line.

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