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10 Signs That You Need a Managed Services Provider

Is it time?

So, you’re a growing, thriving business. You have steadily been adding staff and in the process, turning much of your new staff into network users. Whether you are wearing multiple hats to fix IT related issues when you have the time, you are using a friend of your son, or you are getting help from a person you know at your church who moonlights in IT, there will come a time in every growing business when outsourcing IT is the most logical option.

How do you know when using a managed service is right for you?

Constant Performance and Stability Issues

If you are constantly dealing with performance issues, your servers are going down, or there are constant issues on your network, then it may be time to outsource your IT services. Maintaining a business network and servers can often require very distinct technical expertise. If issues are reoccurring, you may need more technical expertise than you currently have available.

Your Time and Focus Are not in the Right Place

If you are spending too much time and effort on small issues, like forgotten passwords, new user setups, or patches, then this is a good indicator. You should be spending your time on your number one priorities, running and growing your business. If your time is instead going to fixing small IT issues you could be throwing time, money, and frustration.


Your business objective should be to grow and the infrastructure that supports your operations needs to be able to grow with it. If you cannot achieve this with your current IT systems, then you may need a managed service provider to help you with planning and expansion.

Your Costs are Unpredictable

If you have no idea what you are going to be spending from one month to the next, or one quarter to the next, then this is a clear signal that you need a professional. When you outsource the service and support of your IT systems, you should be incurring a consistent monthly cost. This helps protect your bottom line and increases the reliability your business has on technology.

There Is No Set Process for Updates

It can become a challenge to orchestrate an update and maintenance policy. Keeping up with regular software updates ensures that your network stays secure. When you work with a professional managed service provider, they should ensure that you have regular updates and virus scans.

You Have Concerns about Security

Hacking, phishing emails, scams, viruses, and malware could all cost your business thousands of dollars, or worse. Hackers and viruses do not discriminate based on the size of your business, even if you only have a few dozen users. If you worry you are not completely prepared to cover and protect every bit of your data then it may be time to hire an MSP. There are a ton of security vulnerabilities a company can face, including email, data, devices, backups, user errors, and much more.


If you are obligated to adhere to regulations like HIPPA, NIST, PCI, or any other mandatory compliances, having a qualified managed service provider will help ease your mind about meeting regulations and facing possible audits.

You Don’t Know What Your IT Assets Are

Even the simplest of networks can quickly become complex. If you do not know how many desktops you have, which versions of office are running on which pc, or are missing critical data, then you have a lack of visibility over your IT systems. By having a qualified outsource IT partner, you can have a reporting of all of your IT assets, including which ones are most important.

There Has Recently Been a Change in Leadership

If you are a new CEO, COO, or CFO who has just stepped into a new role in a company that has not been previously outsourcing, this may be the perfect time to have an MSP perform an assessment of your IT and get your systems into shape. That way you get off to a good start on the right foot.

You do not see a Clear Return on Investment

If IT has become a mountain of expenses in your organization, with no measurable impact or clear asset value, then this should be a clear warning that it’s time to get a managed service provider. IT Projects and investment should always clearly add value and your ROI should always be apparent.

The benefits of collaborating with a managed service provider can heavily outweigh the costs of not using one for a growing business.

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