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3 Common Misconceptions about Outsourcing Your IT

Have you thought about outsourcing?

Have you thought about outsourcing your IT? Have you evaluated local IT providers? Have you tossed the idea of outsourcing around with other senior leaders in your organization? If the answer is yes to any of these questions and you keep getting hung up on what you’ll get or what you’ll pay, then you might have some misconceptions about outsourcing IT. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about outsourcing your IT.

We’re Not Big Enough to Outsource

How many employees do you have that use computers and technology daily? 20? 30? 50? The real question should be are you big enough to NOT outsource. If you aren’t either outsourcing your IT or have a dedicated IT staff, then more than likely you could have holes in your IT security, running programs that are out of date, missing patches on systems, or even be out of compliance with your industry regulations.

Often we see smaller companies, who don’t outsource and don’t have dedicated IT staff use a non-IT employee for keeping the network up and running. The idea of your  company being too small, is another one of those misconceptions about outsourcing IT. Often these employees are familiar with basic IT related stuff, but aren’t an expert. In situations like these a company can get themselves in hot water if the smallest mistake opens their network up to hackers or fails to protect customer information.

It’s all about the need of the company and not the size. If your company needs to keep its data safe or needs to have constant up-time, then it may be time to look at partnering with an outsourced IT company.

In-House Staff Cost Less than Outsourced IT

While there are costs associated with both in-house IT Staff and outsourcing your IT, the cost of hiring, training, a full-time salary, and benefits almost always costs more than outsourcing.

In our experience, if you have less than 100 computers and you have an in-house IT staff, then you will experience significant periods of time when your IT staff has nothing or very little to do. At other times, during maintenance or new projects, you will find your internal staff extremely busy and unable to keep up with daily issues. So, no matter how your internal staff is skilled or set-up, you will often swing between feeling like your understaffed and feeling like your overstaffed.

The costs of idle support personnel or your network users waiting for IT resources to be available will stack up quickly. So, if you have less than 100 users, it is likely that in-house IT is a deflated expense that you can save on from outsourcing your IT.

Response Time for IT Support is A Lot Slower

Slow response time has been a common misconception about outsourcing your IT support for many years. The reason that this misconception occurs is because your IT support is outside of your office. Sometimes we hear from business owners, that there isn’t someone they can physically go touch, so the service must be slower.

In actuality, when you partner with an outsourced IT company, you will have more technicians and engineers available to your business at one time, than if you had your own internal IT staff.

Since the majority of issues are able to be fixed remotely, an outsourced IT company could log on to your systems and fix a simple issue much quicker than your in-house guy could walk from one end of the building to the next.

Every business is different and every business’ needs are unique. Outsourcing your IT resources makes you more flexible, more efficient, and more prepared. Want to learn more? Contact us today.

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