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3 Reasons Why Outsourcing an IT Support Desk Makes Sense

3 Reasons Why Outsourcing an IT Support Desk Makes Sense

Your IT support desk fills a need for your organization throughout the year. It helps prevent and resolve problems for everyone in your company, and keeps you up and running in the face of a growing set of threats you might face. More and more companies are turning to outsourced IT support desk functions to help with these needs.

1. Efficiency

One key reason for using an outsourced solution is the efficiency this approach provides. When you work with an outsourced provider, you get a partner that can scale to meet your needs over time. You and your employees get exactly the personnel you need when you need it. Instead of worrying whether you’ve staffed enough or too many people in your IT department, the IT help desk gives your team a responsive resource that delivers for you.

Not only does the timing work well for you, but the support you receive improves as well. When you work with the right partner, the IT support you receive includes expertise in your software solutions that an in-house team of generalists could not achieve.

2. Consistency

An additional benefit you can expect from an outsourced IT team is consistency. The provider will staff to be ready for anything you need, whatever day or time you need it. If you or your team members work at midnight over the weekend, you will find IT support available. Your wait times decrease and your entire team operates more smoothly as a result.

You also remove the risk of turnover that you face in-house. The outsourced partner takes this on and ensures proper training and preparation for the IT support desk without having to ramp back up to get the team up to the task at hand.

3. Security

Finally, you gain significant security assurances with a remote team. If you have the IT support team on-site, they suffer the same data breaches and losses as you do. Moving this function off-site removes a key IT function from your premises. This removal, along with the redundancy you gain by moving data to the off-site provider, keeps your organization safer in the face of threats that might rise against your company.

Offsite IT support desk functions give you a strength that you cannot achieve with only on-site support. Click here to learn more about how Custom IS can help with your support desk needs.