Are There People Who Are Putting Your Network At Risk of Hackers?

A Threat From an Unexpected Place

Not long ago, I had a relative visiting with me for a few weeks. During that time, I was letting her use the “house laptop.” The house laptop is the shared computer in the dining room, for anyone in the house to use or look up something fairly quickly. I work in IT, my husband works in IT, my kids are all teenagers; it’s a known thing that we understand basic cybersecurity. I would never expect anyone in my home to welcome hackers in. But that is exactly what happened.

On the second week of my relative’s stay, while in the kitchen, I watched her frantically run to the shared laptop in the dining room. She was on the phone with someone, pushing keys on the laptop, and asking the person on the phone questions about what she was supposed to do next.

I was immediately concerned and ran over to inquire who she was talking to. She said it was Microsoft and there was a hacker on my computer. I demanded she gives me her cell phone at that point.

“Who is this?” I asked into the phone.

“Ma’am, this is Bob at Microsoft,” said the voice on the other line, with a thick foreign accent, “We have found a virus on your computer and we need to remote in to fix it.”

Immediately, I recognized this as a scam. I hung up the phone and sat my relative down to talk to her about internet security.

Employees All Over the Country Have Fallen For Similar Scams While at Work

Since I work in the IT business and see a lot of B2B cybersecurity issues, the thought crossed my mind; what if she was at work, what if she exposed her entire network? She could have cost her company thousands of dollars.

My relative worked for a medium-sized company, with a large network. It completely baffled me that she had never received the training to identify scams and computer risks. In this day in age, it’s easy to simply assume that most people know how to identify cybersecurity risks. However, the fact of the matter is that we are still in the very beginnings of the digital age and there are some people out there that are still slightly gullible.

Your company benefits when all of your employees are properly trained to identify basic cybersecurity risks because it helps keep your network safe.

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Published On: April 30, 2018Categories: Cybersecurity