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Authorized Users on Your Wi-Fi

Who Is On Your Network?

If your Wi-Fi isn’t set up so that only authorized computers can access your internal systems, then you have a major hole in your security defenses. While Wi-Fi gives us freedom from wires, it’s not always secure. Data is transmitted through the air and anyone with the right tools can capture it.

Here are some important things to consider.

  • Can anyone plug any device into the network to get access?
  • Can any device connect to a wireless access point to get access?
    • If they can get access, what type of access do they get?

There are different tools you can put in place to address both these concerns: at the device level and at the user level.

At the device level, you can manage through validating the unique ID on any network access card. So, you can pre-establish allowed ID’s and validate an ID when someone attempts to connect with your network and then control which data protocols go to that device. This approach applies to both wired and wireless access to your network.

You also want to control which users go are able to access your systems. Guests to your business should not be able to connect to the same access point where your critical data resides. You can have a separate guest access point, where they have no access to your data.

When you purchase Wi-Fi routers and access points, they don’t come in the box secured. Unless you enable encryption, people nearby can easily connect to your network. When that happens, the best case scenario is that they are just using a free connection to surf the web, which could be slowing your network down. However, if their intentions are nefarious, they could be accessing your PCs, network, and all of your data. Even worse, they could be capturing your passwords or damaging your network.

Losing your IT network is often time-consuming and very expensive. At CIS, we understand this. We also know that businesses are constantly challenged by the tasks of managing the demands of business growth while coping with continuous technology challenges.

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