Why Do You Need Centrally Administered Antivirus and Anti-malware?

What Are Antivirus and Anti-Malware Best Practices?

Viruses and malware are a huge concern for any business. For a business with dozens or even hundreds of computers to protect, this can sometimes mean oversight and giving too much control to the end user. To resolve this issue, organizations often choose a centrally administered antivirus and anti-malware solution.

With exposure to significant threats coming from both inside and outside of your business, antivirus/antimalware must be quickly updated. Counting on end users to keep up with or manage their own antivirus/anti-malware isn’t a practical option in most business environments. Centrally administered antivirus/anti-malware has been utilized by larger enterprises for a long time, and in recent years, has become a solution for small and medium businesses, as well.

When you have a centrally managed antivirus/anti-malware solution, you have the benefit of updating all of the computers on the network automatically. Not only does this reduce the network traffic, but it significantly reduces time on troubleshooting end-user problems.

With that being said, many organizations may have a centrally managed solution on their systems and can still get a false sense of security. What this means is if this solution is the entire extent of your security protocols, then there will still be some aspects of your network that are still vulnerable. Go here for more information about the layered approach to security protocols.

Losing your IT network is often time-consuming and very expensive. At CIS, we understand this. We also know that businesses are constantly challenged by the tasks of managing the demands of business growth while coping with continuous technology challenges.

Let CIS focus on the technology; you focus on your business. Contact us today and one of our Network Security Services Specialists will call to talk to you about your current Cybersecurity situation and how you can protect yourself.

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