Lean, Efficient

Business Processes

Visibility Across

Your company is growing and becoming more complex:

  • You’ve got data everywhere.
  • Simple spreadsheet don’t work anymore.
  • Manual processes are slow, tedious, and error-prone.
  • Inaccurate data, a lack of integration among systems.
  • High error rates and over-reliance on email and spreadsheets.

You need better business processes that provide insights and internal controls to operate more efficiently and reduce costs. A central database that collects inputs from a variety of departments such as accounting, manufacturing, supply chain, sales, marketing and human resources (HR).

Unify people, processes and technology across your organization

Data-Driven Decisions

Decision-makers have up-to-date data from a single source of truth

People are Aligned

Improve communication and collaboration across departments

Integrated Systems

Systems are working together to promote efficiency

Focus on outcomes and using smarter business intelligence to achieve objectives.
No more inadequate systems or reliance on error-prone, manual processes like email and spread sheets.

What you’ll get working with Custom Information Services


Built to fit the unique needs of your business


We prepare and guide you through Built to fit the unique needs of your business the process

Reporting & Analytics

Visibility into the right data

Strategic Consultant

A trusted partner to ensure you succeed even after implementation


Solutions that grow as your company grows


Support for you unique processes and goals

Whether you’re a product-based business or a service-based business, your ERP solutions should help you respond to changing consumer needs and market conditions.

ERP software is built to integrate and automate essential functions across multiple business units.

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ERP Services that support the whole business

Custom Programming

We provide expert custom reporting and data programming. Moreover, we posses nearly 30 years of experience in business software, which lays as a core foundation of our business.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

CIS is an experienced ERP partner certified Microsoft GP VAR. Our ERP Consultants are notably world class experts, specifically in evaluating and implementing software.

Certified ISV Provider

CIS can specifically enhance your Microsoft Dynamics GP solutions with certified and uniquely specialty applications. We offer Microsoft ISV support for EDI. These are just a few of the applications we deliver.

Proactive Software Support

Our certified consultants can provide both remote support immediately and on-site support, as needed. As a result, your applications and custom reports running at peak performance.

Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturers benefit greatly from CIS’ ERP business solutions. We embrace the manufacturing industry and its unique manufacturing solutions and application criteria.

Cavallo Distribution Solution

In order to provide your business with the best sales and order processing available for Dynamics GP, CIS is an exclusive partner of SalesPad Distribution Solution.

ERP Questions For You

  • Are you relying on spreadsheets and email?

  • Where is all your data located?

  • How easy is it for your team to access the data they need?

  • How many different pieces of software are you using?

  • Do you have the information you need to make informed business decisions?

With CIS as your ERP Consultant and Partner, you will always have answers.

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