Implementation, Consultation, and Support

Thousands of businesses all around the world similarly run their organizations on Microsoft Dynamics GP. Formerly called Great Plains, Dynamics GP software delivers a comprehensive out-of-the-box business management and accounting software. It’s easy to use and has an extensive selection of third-party add-ons, making it especially easy to extend its capabilities.

In fact, Microsoft Dynamics GP solutions will cover everything from operations and financial management, to human resource, supply chain, and your manufacturing business solutions. It specifically connects all of the many moving parts of your organization and gives you better visibility and control over what’s going on in your business.

CIS offers a free consultation with your company’s leaders to demonstrate that Dynamics GP is a good fit for your business. After all, there is no one size fits all solution. CIS takes the time to understand your business issues to be sure we offer a product demonstration that addresses these business issues.

CIS offers the following GP Solutions:

  • Evaluation and solution demonstration
  • Financing
  • Implementation methodology – 30 years of completing migrations
  • RESCUE of failed implementations by other VARs – CIS can fix what others break
  • Network evaluation and IT assistance for a truly successful deployment
  • Deployment options: On-premise, Hosted, or Cloud
  • Ongoing desktop support and help desk for Dynamics GP
  • Dynamics GP upgrades
  • Strong relationship with select Dynamics GP add-ons from Independent Software Vendors
  • Microsoft certified GP consulting staff and sales personnel
  • References from similar industries in your area

Streamline your Business Process

With automation and productive management tools, Microsoft Dynamics GP software is the best ERP solution that will markedly allow your employees to complete their duties or projects in a few simple steps. Whereas it may have taken them hours to complete them before. Your company will be better equipped for success experience increased productivity with significantly greater insights into your business operations.

A New Way to Work

You need a solution that helps your entire company perform significantly as a unified whole; from the shop floor, to the service center, to the board room. Microsoft Dynamics GP provides a significantly secure collaboration environment. This is coupled with shared business processes between your business and your vendors, customers, and partners. Dynamics GP will explicitly help you connect functions across your entire company.

Custom Information Services has decades of experience particularly in providing Line of Business software solutions. Moreover, our team of EXPERT consultants can help your business reach the next level with a Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation. To demonstrate, please use our Quick Quote feature to get a fast and painless online quote, or feel free to Contact Us today to learn more.

More Informed Decisions

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you will be able to make informed decisions accordingly and map out your future. Not to mention that you will have good information well suited to your process.

Solve these business issues:

  • Order entry and order acknowledgement
  • Complex pricing scenarios for your customers
  • Distribution controls for simple or complex warehouse operations
  • Inventory controls for manufacturers and distribution professionals
  • Purchasing functionality including drop shipping features
  • Accurate inventory costing
  • Material requirement planning and complex production scheduling
  • Financial management – accounting for multi-company and centralized accounts payable
  • Manufacturing for food, chemical, cosmetics, and widgets

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