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Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP has been prominent ERP solution for several decades. Highly customizable, this powerful integrated accounting solution seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office solutions and can be hosted on-site or in the cloud.

How well is your current Microsoft VAR performing?

A VAR (value added re-seller) should be enhancing your current products or providing you with customized solutions and maintenance services. You should be benefiting from the planning, deployment, integration, customization, and training that you should be receiving from your Dynamics GP ERP partner. If your current ERP partner is not providing you with 100% of the attention and support that you need, then it may be time to make the switch to a more experienced ERP partner who is more compatible with your business needs.

Do they understand your business?

Successful Microsoft VARS and successful ERP implementations are about business, not just technology. The technical stuff is relatively straightforward and easy to learn, but the business process takes quite a bit longer to learn and understand. Finding an ERP partner that has both business and industry acumen is critical when it comes to industry-specific processes and industry-specific best practices. Ideally, you should find an ERP partner that has good experience in implementing ERP solutions in businesses similar to your own.

CIS has three decades of experience in industries that focus in production environments, like wholesaledistribution, and manufacturing business solutions. We’ve implemented hundreds of ERP solutions over the years and can speak your language.

Do they focus on your strategy?

While some VARs only focus on your system’s design with a checklist of items to configure or switches to turn on, you would be much better served with a VAR that focuses on the actual blueprint of the implementation as it relates to your business. Remember, ERPs are a business solution and not a technical one. Your ERP strategy should be process driven and promote visibility throughout your entire organization.

By doing this, it will allow your company’s leadership team to business operations like inventory management, accounting, order management, order management, supply chain, and product life-cycle just to name a few. Your ERP solution should serve as the focal point for managing all of your business. As such, a system design and checklist of items to configure simply will not suffice. This is why having a VAR that focuses on your ERP strategy is so critical.

CIS takes a strategical approach to every single aspect of our business. Our unique business model doesn’t only encompass our ERP department but also is our core approach in our MSP department, our programming department, and even all of our internal processes. There isn’t any aspect of our business that isn’t well planned with a strategical execution.

Experienced Microsoft VAR

Custom Information Services has three decades of experience providing lines of business technology solution for clients. Let our team of expert consultants help you take your business to the next level. Get a quote for Microsoft Dynamics GP software, our Dynamics GP Cloud Solution, or contact us today.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

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