When Should You Find a New VAR (Value Added Reseller)?

How You Know When it is Time to Find a New VAR

In the Business and IT realm, a VAR (Value Added Reseller) enhances the value of a core platform by customizing and adding to it to help the customer meet specific business goals. In the case of ERP solutions, a quality VAR service should include helping you define business success strategies and infrastructure needs. Additionally, they should provide custom programming, manage IT services, assist with training and deployment, and ensure smooth integration with other elements of your Business and IT systems. After ERP deployment, a VAR should provide adequate monitoring and maintenance to ensure the system works as designed.

In this blog post, we highlight signs that may indicate your VAR lacks in the provision of these elements of service. Additionally, we suggest ways that a VAR can and should bridge these performance gaps.

They Don’t Understand the Business of My Industry

A high-quality Value Added Reseller will know about more than the functionality of ERP applications. The VAR should also understand the business and operational details that drive success within your industry, and how to leverage them with appropriate ERP solutions.

For example, a VAR providing ERP support to the manufacturing and distribution industry should understand the finer details about information transfer across the entire supply chain. This includes sales, accounting, production, inventory control, billing, shipping and receiving, and any other functions associated with the business operations. The VAR will understand which departments generate which data and which departments use the data. Further, the best fit for you will know how to configure the ERP software to enhance the flow of critical information. The VARs ERP support will continue to help fine-tune your business workflow and increase your profit margins.

They Aren’t Focused on My Business Strategy

Some VARs work from a standard checklist for ERP system design, installation, and operation. This implies that the value-added reseller does not understand your company’s unique business strategy. Without this knowledge, a VAR cannot understand how to best customize your ERP system to help you meet your business goals and objectives. In this situation, the VAR adds little value that you cannot obtain from ERP software distributors.

Your value-added reseller should configure your ERP to promote the flow of data and information in a manner that optimizes your overall production efficiency. A VAR can achieve this objective only by customizing your ERP system. Your ERP system should be configured to automatically track and report KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that align with your business goals and operational framework. A competent VAR, that possesses the relevant business experience, can use the KPIs to help you fine-tune your ERP system and operations to meet your business objectives.

Our Employees Experience Difficulty Operating With the ERP System

If employees experience difficulties working efficiently within the confines of the ERP system, production and business efficiencies will suffer. A high-quality VAR understands the line functions that interface with the ERP system and build efficiencies into the system to enable maximum output.

How Can I Find a Good VAR for my ERP?

Do you recognize any of these signs of ineffective VAR service within your organization? If so, you owe it to yourself and your company’s stakeholders to find a new VAR. CIS enjoys a hard-earned excellent reputation for the provision of Value Added Reseller services, supporting in particular ERP for manufacturing and distribution businesses.

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