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How Remote Network Monitoring Works for Managed IT Services

How Remote Network Monitoring Works for Managed IT Services

Your network security protocols create an important line of defense for your organization. Unfortunately, the threats to your system present a moving target; you cannot remain secure in meaningful ways without a flexible approach to these protocols. This is where managed IT services for your network present a critical advantage for you. By providing remote network monitoring, your service provider can help you identify and eliminate potential problems before they can cause damage to your business operations.

Attacks Through Incoming Communications

Threats to your network can come from phishing scams aimed at employee emails, or from direct attacks on your network. The former comes through everyday communication channels. Viruses and malware come through dangerous email attachments; your employees open a benign-looking attachment from a disguised sender, and the attachment can run a program that attacks the individual computer or the entire network. Your managed services provider can monitor incoming messages and eliminate threats before users can open this kind of attachments. This kind of remote access protection can cut off damaging programs before they have a chance to be activated.

Monitoring Direct Attacks

These kinds of time bombs create an insidious threat to your network systems, but they are not the only means hackers have to attack. Your network runs throughout your company, and no matter how many safeguards you have in place, some vulnerabilities will always exist. Threats can come from unhappy employees in your organization, or from people trying to break in and access your data. You have a duty to your company to protect customer data and trade secrets stored on your servers, and to your employees to protect their private information and data. Letting someone hack into your system compromises both of those and puts everything you do at risk.

Managed IT services also include remote network monitoring, which creates an added layer of security for you. Many of these attacks can be disguised within your network as ordinary communications. Remote access allows security experts to view from the outside what is happening. As a matter of fact, remote access will give you even more ready detection capability. Possibly more than your IT staff can have from within.

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