Traditional MSP enough for a Manufacturing/Distribution Environment?

Does the complexity of your MSP fulfill your business’s demands?

The vigorous nature of Manufacturing and Distribution environments pose dynamic challenges when it comes to their technology needs. Operations with factory production or a warehouse presence often have a drive for operational excellence through continuous improvement. For this reason, they will implement a variety of continuous improvement methodologies to meet their goals. In many cases, these programs benefit from a variety of software applications that help measure, analyze, and control processes. Does a traditionally managed service provider have the skill-set for complex environments?

While an MSP that supports a manufacturer or distributor needs to be familiar and well versed in process improvement methodologies and related software systems, the best MSP fit for manufacturers and distributors is one that internally embraces true continuous improvement culture within their operation.

Most Manufacturers and Distributors also use ERP software as another way to implement operational command and control within their company. At the very least, an MSP providing support for factory and warehouse environments need to understand ERP software and its entire range of use. More ideal is for an MSP to be an expert at implementing and supporting the functional side of ERP applications in the Manufacturing and Distribution Industries.

The Manufacturing and Distribution Industries require a unique set of skills from a managed IT service provider. The MSP that they choose should have direct experience in strategic planning, continuous improvement, ERP systems, and staying abreast of all of the latest and greatest technologies that drive these requirements.

Does your MSP do that?

Manufacturers and Distributors need to collaborate with a firm that not only monitors, manages, and maintains their infrastructure, but also provides effective strategic guidance along the way. They also need a firm that can not only deliver uptime and availability of their IT systems around the clock but also know how to aid the client in selecting and implementing those entire systems (not just hardware and operating systems).

CIS is skilled at developing and implementing strategic approaches that promote efficiency and effectiveness. We understand that disruptions to workflows impact your bottom line. Our industry specialization and focus on innovation have enabled us to develop managed IT support services specifically for Manufacturers and Distributors. The CIS team specializes in a variety of professional disciplines. These disciplines significantly help our clients address today’s financial, operational, and technical challenges. Contact us today to learn more or click below to get a quote.

Published On: May 8, 2018Categories: ERP Solutions, Managed IT Services, Strategy