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24/7 IT Support, 365 Days A Year

24/7 Certified IT Support Services by a Dependable IT PartnerManaged IT Dallas/Fort Worth

When your business is impacted by a technology issue, our priority is to fix it. We explicitly fix your technology issues right the first time, and quickly. For this reason, we provide the services to get you back to operational as quickly as possible. In view of this, we understand how important data and technology is to your business, that’s why we offer 24-7 remote IT support and onsite IT service options. You will significantly reduce the risks to your business while simultaneously increasing your productivity. This is the level of service you get with an IT partner that is always available to help. In fact, CIS provides a variety of Managed IT Support services that give your business exactly what it needs: Reliable 24/7 IT Support – the way your business needs it.

Our Service Desk and Technical Operations specialists are:

Certified Support on all Microsoft Network

ERP and Dynamics GP

Can Handle Almost All Network and Desktop Hardware

CIS is certified in all hardware

Certified on Office Applications

Microsoft Office 365

Certified on Exchange Server and MS Outlook

CIS is certified in outlook and exchange

Experienced with SQL Server

SQL Server

Available for Remote IT Support or Onsite Service

Managed Services Provider


We offer service options for both 24/7 IT Support, 365 Days a Year.

A professional and reliable IT support provider in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington are can consequently mean the difference between getting critical tasks, projects, reporting and invoices completed on time. Our skilled IT specialists are specifically experienced, proficient, and reliable and are available for both remote managed IT services and onsite IT support.

We spent the last three decades specifically building and implementing best practices, which we execute daily. No other managed IT companies in the DFW do what we do particularly the way we do it. Our managed IT support model is second to none. CIS utilizes a world-class support ticket processing system, so authorized personnel can ask for assistance via email or telephone to make sure your operations do not skip a beat.