Stability and Security

The stability and security of your business critical systems is especially essential to your daily operations. If your network stops working, so does everything else. That’s why it’s important to realize that keeping a consistent up-time is crucial. Knowing the status of your IT systems or how your vital network bandwidth is being utilized is NOT your business focus. Custom Information Services provides a proactive process approach to infrastructure and network monitoring. In turn, this allows you focus crucial dollars and labor resources where they belong: Growing Your Business.

24-7-365 Proactive Network Monitoring

  • Custom Information Services monitors the real-time performance of your IT systems
  • We will monitor your network, whether it is on-site or in the cloud
  • We can remotely identify and diagnose problems before they even occur
  • In the event that an attack takes place, CIS can stop threats and attacks to your network with our remediation services
  • Rapid response solutions are in place to restart essential services automatically
  • With our network and server management solution, we also keep a close watch on your event log and drive space.

Regular System Updates and Patches

  • Updates are managed in-house. You don’t have to wait or schedule a time for a technician to come onsite. We do it all remotely.
  • Whether you have hundreds of machines or multiple locations, we will make sure every one of your employees are running the same versions of operational programs.
  • We also can fix critical security flaws in your applications with patches we can deploy all at once.

Server Management

  • Our engineers will monitor and troubleshoot any server problems that arise based on our state of the art early warning systems.
  • We will also handle your backup management and security for all of your servers.
  • Three decades of formal improvement of our best practices proactively prevent support issues from causing you problems
  • Our Network evaluation and Managed vCIO process help you make informed decisions about future upgrades

CIS Also Has Employee Monitoring Solutions

Additional to our Networking Monitoring Services, CIS also provides employee monitoring solutions. Employee monitoring is a system that sends you real-time alerts for unusual computer activity. Coupled with the alerts, it provides a recording of the employee’s activity so that you can review the behavior that generated the alert.

With this in mind, Managed IT services the very crucial components of your IT systems, like Network Monitoring. By doing this, you are able to keep your network resources running at maximum efficiency. You can then make informed budget decisions about future upgrades and needs.

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