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Infrastructure Services for Internal IT Departments

Supporting Internal IT Resources

Custom Information Services has worked with internal IT departments and IT directors within mid-market and enterprise businesses in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas for decades. We support your internal IT resources with 24/7 IT operation and management standardization; by doing this we have been able to help our clients gain industry leading internal IT support and operations for a fraction of the cost. We call this our Point of Contact Model, and we tailor our services to match the specific needs to your in-house IT department, in order to make your systems run like a well-oiled machine.

How do you know if CIS’ Point of Contact model right for your business?

  • Is your internal IT team able to handle your day-to-day support needs plus be available for special projects?
  • Is your business prepared to operate with your IT staff on vacation, out sick, or in the event of an unexpected staff turnover?
  • Is everyone in your IT department armed with the proper certifications and skills to address every situation that your business may encounter?
  • Does your IT department have people skilled with line of business applications that spends a lot of their time handling technical infrastructure issues?

If you answered ‘no’ to one or more of these questions, then it may be time for you to look at supplementing your IT department with CIS’ Point of Contact service model.

Do you have an employee that is “the guy” that everyone wants (must) go to for critical problems? Do you ever wonder what would happen if “the guy” was gone? If so, then CIS’s Point of Contact service model can help with your business continuity risk.

CIS’ Point of Contact service model is ideal for businesses with between 50 and 500 users that are looking to increase their strategic value and productivity of the internal IT department. If you are looking to eliminate repetitive technical issues, time restrictions, and staffing changes that impact your IT department, then give us a call today.


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How will CIS’ Point of Contact service model benefit your internal IT department and business?

  • CIS can handle the heavy lifting, while leaving the day-to-day support for your internal IT team. This will not only allow your IT team to work in an even-flowed manner, but it will also keep your end-users happy, knowing they can get support when needed.
  • We will take a team-oriented approach to address your IT needs. We have certified and experienced resources that can complement your existing staff and allow them to focus on your business.
  • CIS will have a regular strategic planning process and an executive planning meeting to define your IT needs, investments, and expenditures so that you have a complete roadmap to success.
  • CIS’ best practices include formal documentation that can mitigate your business continuity risk inherent in your internal IT staff.
  • Your highly skilled internal IT staff can focus more time doing what you hired them for and less time on issues easily handled with our infrastructure support services.
  • CIS has formulated and documented best practices over the last three decades of being in business. By implementing best practices within your IT support, your entire company will benefit from less downtime and more productivity.
  • If your IT staff is out sick or on vacation, we’ll cover them. You will never be without IT support again.

CIS has two locations in Arlington and Addison, and serves all of the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Contact Us today to learn more about how our point of contact solution can work best for your business.
Want to know more about our point of contact model and internal IT solutions? Contact us today!
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