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Is Virtualization Right For You?

Virtualization is a computing technology that enables a single user to access multiple physical devices. Another way to look at it is a single computer controlling multiple machines, or one operating system utilizing multiple computers to analyze a database. Virtualization may also be used for running multiple applications on each server rather than just one; this, in turn, reduces the number of servers companies need to purchase and manage. It enables you to consolidate your servers and do more with less hardware. It also lets you support more users per piece of hardware, deliver applications, and run applications faster.

One way to look at it is that virtualization is basically one physical computer pretending to be many computing environments whereas cloud computing is many different computers pretending to be the one computing environment (hence user scaling). Virtualization provides a flexibility that is a great match for cloud computing. Moreover, cloud computing can be defined based on the virtual machine containers created with virtualization. Virtualization is not always necessary in cloud computing; however, you can use it as the basis. Cloud computing is an approach for the delivery of services while virtualization is one possible service that could be delivered. Large corporations with little downtime tolerance and airtight security requirements may find that virtualization fits them best. Smaller businesses are more likely to profit more with cloud computing, allowing them to focus on their mission while leaving IT chores to those who can do more for less.

Deciding if Virtualization is Right for Your Company

  • Would you like to reduce your network’s complexity?
  • Is the ability to recover quickly from business interruption or disaster important to you?
  • Do you have legacy systems difficult to migrate to new hardware?
  • Are you looking to reduce your energy costs and go green?

virtualization services

Our Virtualization services include:

  • Customized configurations
  • Simple portability to new hardware for hard-to-upgrade applications
  • Highly-available, highly recoverable solutions
  • Reduced complexity and minimization of hardware
  • Centralized management and maintenance
  • Maximization of your technology investments
  • Scalability with reduced cost

Our robust Virtualization solutions include everything you need to provide a scalable, highly available computing environment for your business – and easily manage and maintain it.
Leverage our Virtualization expertise and reap the benefits. Save on energy, hardware and maintenance costs and improve your efficiencies and productivity. Contact us today to discuss the many benefits Virtualization technology can provide your business.

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