Learn about the maximum tolerable downtime in Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth.

Maximum Tolerable Downtime

Maximum Tolerable Downtime

Your company’s Maximum Tolerable Downtime (MTD) is the length of time you can function being disconnected to your IT systems without causing irreparable harm to your business.

System downtimes are one of those things that can happen unexpectedly with little to no warning. For many systems, downtime can lead to expensive complications. When a network disruption happens, you could lose business, lose data, or damage your reputation. Even a single hour of downtime could cost thousands of dollars.

Understanding how your business operates and moves data is the key to significantly limiting downtime. System downtime can interrupt your entire business operations, from employees not being able to preform tasks to important equipment not working.

You need to identify your critical processes, together with your Disaster Recovery Strategy, including the resources needed to maintain them. Once you identify the critical processes and resources, then the financial impact should be calculated. Here are a few of the possible things that are impacted during downtime:

  • Employees being able to work and complete their normal activities
  • Moving a product or shipping items out
    • This could also affect relationships with both supply sources and customers
  • Production resources
  • The ability to communicate with customers
  • The ability to communicate internally or with other locations
  • Meeting payroll or other critical payables

Losing your IT network is certainly time consuming and very expensive. At CIS, we understand this. We also know constant challenges businesses have from the tasks of managing the demands of business growth while coping with continuous technology challenges.

Let CIS focus on the technology; you focus on your business.