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Network Security Breaches: Prevention is Better than Recovery

Network Security Breaches: Prevention is Better than Recovery

When you create a security plan for your organization, you set up layers that allow you to respond to invasions and network security breaches quickly and effectively. Still, if you are in a position to try to recover data after a breach, you are likely going to resume with something missing. And even when everything remains, the time disruptions affect you, your employees, or your customers. Defending against a network security breach should always start with preventative measures.

Needles and Haystacks

Data recovery certainly has its place. No system is foolproof. It only takes one person too focused on other aspects of his or her job to let someone in. Data becomes vulnerable the moment people become the gate keepers. When viruses, malware, and ransomware pass through email systems, some is going to get through.

That said, identifying what you’ve lost can be an exercise in futility. When it comes time to recover lost data, reaching 100 percent recovery is difficult, if not impossible. The more you can do to prevent the loss through technological means, the better your chances to retain everything you need.

Losing Time and Momentum

In addition, when you suffer a network security breach, recovering lost data takes time and money. Your disaster recovery processes kick in, and you have to shut down some of your everyday activities while you work through the processes of your recovery. In the meantime, your workforce loses momentum, and the data recovery efforts cost you productivity. All of the time that you are focused on identifying and recovering your lost data, your business suffers.

For these reasons, you should prioritize prevention efforts whenever possible. If you build effective firewalls and proxy servers that work in tandem, you give yourself a chance to keep malicious software from entering your system. You protect your infrastructure as well as your data passing through it.

Beyond this, your prevention efforts should include ongoing training and monitoring efforts to identify problems before they get out of control. A network security breach does not necessarily hit immediately; if you catch a potential infiltration in its infancy, you can save yourself significant delays and losses.

Network security breaches can wreak havoc on your system if you are not prepared. To learn how Custom IS can help you prevent and contain these problems, contacts us today.