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Network Security: How Vulnerable Is Your Business?

Network Security: How Vulnerable Is Your Business?

Are You Safe?

Your company network serves as both the most effective means by which you operate and the most troubling means by which someone can gain entry. For you to keep your organization safe, you need to ensure your network security is sufficient to keep malicious actors out. Reviewing your security system to identify weaknesses is a crucial step every company should take to protect yourself, your employees and your customers.

Data Protection

Your company generates, receives, and processes data every day. Whether this occurs through email traffic, e-commerce, or cookies collected and stored through your website. You can control some of this by setting up firewalls and proxy servers in your system; these should be reviewed and updated regularly to reflect new threats that emerge.

Even then, though, you cannot always stop threats that come out. Malware and ransomware can come from a disgruntled employee or through a phishing email designed around what your system is ready to block. You need to be on guard constantly for network security concerns that develop.

Infrastructure Protection

Beyond your data itself, you must be vigilant against threats to your infrastructure. Some current viruses and programs embed malicious code that attacks the system itself, rather than the information on it. You can have a threat shut down your entire network, rendering you unable to continue functioning.

Tools to work around this include cloud backup storage, redundant Internet service, and system mirroring. A remote network security expert can do more to implement and oversee such concerns, and keep you operating smoothly and efficiently in the face of attacks growing in efficiency and effectiveness.

Network Security Audits

The whole process of identifying security concerns should begin with network audits. These examine your system both for current embedded threats and for vulnerabilities to physical and online attacks. You can take a proactive step toward protecting your organization, but this means taking the time to understand every area of your network, and the physical structures you have in place to protect it. Absent a fully-developed understanding of these areas, you will remain vulnerable.

Your network security is critical for your ability to maintain responsible, protected service to your employees and your customers.