Advanced tools and
threat intelligence

Know and manage
your cyber risk

Meet compliance

Protect Your Assets

You worked hard to build and grow your business. Now you need to protect your assets from wellfunded
cyber criminals who threaten to compromise your data, or even worse, bring your business to a
screeching halt.

You need cybersecurity solutions that:

  • detect and block advanced threats
  • defend critical assets against targeted attacks
  • do not strain your current resources
  • protects your business from the cost and disruption of a breach
  • are designed for your business model and industry

Advanced cybersecurity should eliminate intrusions, mitigate your risk, and resolve your vulnerabilities.

Your Cybersecurity Provider should be able to prove they are capable of managing these threats and protecting what you’ve built. Can your IT provider do what they say they can do?

Safeguard all areas of your business. All day. Every day.

Business Alignment

Cybersecurity that aligns with and supports your business strategy

Needed Expertise

Security operations experts that predict, advise on, and manage your needs

Security Program

Manage vendors, train employees, and be compliant in your industry

With so many attack surfaces, you need security that spans your entire network.
From safeguarding your perimeter, critical internal assets and data to your remote users, customers, and partners.

What you’ll get working with Custom Information Services

Zero Trust Security Model

Don’t trust anything inside or outside your perimeter. Verify everything trying to gain access to your systems.

Threat Detection

24/7 monitoring. Identify the latest threats, thousands of viruses, spam and network hacks. Then execute mitigation strategies.

Industry Compliance

Confidence your technology and processes comply with NIST, GLBA, HIPPA, SOX, and PCI and other industry-specific requirements.

Incident Response Team

Breaches happen. Our team is ready to problem solve, respond and remediate an intrusion.
Minimize downtime with disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

Security Awareness & Education

Your employees are your strongest defense and your biggest weakness. They must become your new human firewall. Invest in your business by training your employees.

Vulnerability Management

Address security flaws and prevent security issues before they happen. We update security protocols, report hiccups and eliminates costly issues for you.

Whether you have 10 employees or 500, we have managed security packages to fit your needs. We can work with your internal IT team covering the critical pieces of your network, or we can cover every device and user you need.

68% of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing. (Accenture)

Should We Call You?

Cybersecurity Solutions that support the whole business

Managed Cybersecurity

Managed Cloud Security

Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

Compliance & Risk Management

Network Security

Advanced Security (SOC/SIEM)

Advanced Security for when your reputation and data are too important to entrust to standard IT protocols.

Cybersecurity Questions For You

  • Are you concerned about being hacked or getting ransomware?

  • Do you know your data is properly secured?

  • How many threats are hitting your network and getting through?

  • Would you survive a security incident?

  • Are your employees trained to identify a phishing email or other scam?

  • When your network extends to your employees house, are you secure?

With CIS as your security partner and response team, you will always have answers.

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