Do You Have A Password Management System?

Are Your Passwords Secure?

If all of the computers and devices that have access to a data system aren’t protected with a centrally administered password management system, then the devices are at a very high risk of being attacked. Without some type of password management system in place, it is almost guaranteed that passwords and systems are not secure.

In a Windows environment, it is strongly recommended to use an active directory and a domain controller. This will enforce a well-designed password and access policy.

Active Directory

Active Directory is an extremely critical part of the standard windows server managed security model. Proper implementation of the active directory will provide an organized approach to systematically granting and/or restricting access to virtually all components. That includes data storage/shared folders, time of day to log in, printers to be used, or applications to access a Microsoft Windows-based network.

Domain Controller

A Domain Controller is a server that responds to authentication requests within a Windows Server domain. It is the centerpiece of the Active Directory and is extremely important for every network.

Password Management Helps Keep You Secure

A properly implemented password management system programmatically enforces complex password rules and password change policies. Every password becomes at risk over time. The more complex the password, the longer the potential life of secure usage. The routine changing of passwords restarts the useful life of the password, each time you enforce change. Users always resist change so the programmatic enforcement becomes critical to maintaining a secure environment.

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Published On: April 13, 2018Categories: Cybersecurity, Managed IT Services