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Do You Have A Plan Or A Theory?

A Plan That Hasn’t Been Tested Is Just A Theory

Network Recovery is a critical component of a business continuity strategy. However, a staggering number of companies fail to develop a network recovery plan. Even more shocking, many companies who do have a network recovery plan never test it to see if it works.

Think about it like this. During your daily business operations, you are constantly using technology. Your entire network is more than just emails, it’s used for customer care, customer records, communication, human resources, accounting, production, monitoring employees, automation, inventory control, logistical planning, and depending on your business, so much more.

What if it all goes away? What if you walk into your office one day and find that your entire operation has come to a complete stop? And even more frightening, what if you can’t get it back up?

Statistics show that Dallas/Fort Worth businesses that do not have a tested Managed Business Disaster Recovery Plan go out of business 40% of the time after a major disaster. 

At CIS, we have a saying:  A disaster recovery plan without a formal test process is really just a theory…it should work….

Given the existential risk associated with disaster recovery, (after all it is a disaster waiting to happen) we believe that having an approach that “should work” is simply not enough.

When you partner with CIS, not only will you be ready for any type of disruption, you’ll also gain the benefit of an expert perspective that can help you deal with any type of scenario.

  • CIS will assess your most critical business processes and functions
  • We will come up with a strategic and well documented plan
  • We will provide a tailored solution  that fits your business needs
  • We will rigorously test your solution

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