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Minimize the Risk and Cost of Downtime with eFolder BDR for Replibit

Minimize the Risk and Cost of Downtime with eFolder BDR for Replibit

You Don’t Have to Take Chances

While everyday disasters interrupt daily operations, site-wide disasters can wreak havoc on a business. In the event of fires, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, a business can drastically be effected. In other words, a disaster can completely wipe out a location, along with its computing infrastructure. For this reason, it is imperative that businesses adopt a backup and disaster recovery BDR solution that includes off-site replication to the cloud.

eFolder BDR for Replibit is an image-based backup and disaster recovery service that captures snapshots of a server. That snapshot includes its data, operating system, applications, and configurations, and then it replicates those images to the eFolder Cloud. Businesses that deploy eFolder BDR for Replibit have multiple recovery options. These options are imperative in the event that a server failure or site-wide disaster, including recovery in the eFolder Cloud.


  • Image-based backup and cloud replication, providing total server protection
  • Multiple recovery options, minimizing downtime
  • Generous cloud storage and turnkey deployment, reducing costs
  • Comprehensive reporting and integrations, reducing administrative burden
  • Compliant data centers and military-grade security, exceeding industry standards

We recently participated in a Webinar with eFolder to share expertise on business disaster recovery plans. In fact, you can view the webinar presentation here.

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