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Top 5 Reasons You Need a Managed IT Services Provider

Top 5 Reasons You Need a Managed IT Services Provider

Top 5 Reasons You Need an MSP

If you are like many companies, your IT spending has grown substantially in recent years. Not only do you need equipment and software, but you need to maintain defenses and find solutions to increasingly sophisticated attacks on your infrastructure. Managed IT services have increasingly served as the best option to help fight these battles. They allow you to accomplish a number of goals to which your organization aspires. Here are some of the things a managed IT service can do for you:

  1. Predictable Cost Structure

One of the greatest concerns business owners and managers face is the uncertainty of IT spending. Employee turnover, structural needs, and catastrophic events can enter without warning. They demand new purchases, extensive additional hours, and new learning that you cannot keep up with while maintaining your budget. A managed IT option can absorb all of this and keep you on track.

  1. Reduced Transition Costs

What if your IT staff members leave? Every time you lose a team member, you lose institutional knowledge that goes well beyond the cost of onboarding someone new. When you work with managed IT services team, your vendor manages this process without costing you the time or money it would if your IT came solely in-house.

  1. Improved Efficiency

The advantage here moves beyond turnover. A managed IT option gives you the service you need, when you need it. Your vendor flexes staffing as needed so you can rely on efficient delivery of exactly the staffing and service required. You no longer have to guess at the right budget level for what your needs might become.

  1. Focus Your Internal Team

You still need an internal IT force that a managed IT services will complement. But that team can focus on the problems that arise day to day, and handle on-site issues for which they are best equipped. When they do not have to respond to everything that comes up, they can deliver service tied to the organizational value they can best deliver.

  1. Protect Yourself Better

Finally, a managed IT team improves your security on-site. It uses state-of-the-art technology and built-in redundancies to protect your data and your infrastructure. And by maintaining service remotely, it does so without falling to the same security threats at the same time as the rest of your organization.

A Managed IT services can deliver outstanding value to your company. Click here to learn more about how Custom IS can help. Or contact us today for a consolation.