Why Do You Need A Web Content Management System?

Which Websites Do Your Employees Visit?

If you don’t have a web content management system in place, then you are at a high risk of end users inviting malicious applications on your network from visiting non-approved or unsafe websites. Even just a single point of entry can infect your entire system.

There is almost always an employee who thinks there is a loophole. Even if there are strict rules in the employee handbook about computers or internet usage, there is almost always one or two people who think that they can get away with breaking the rules. When an end user decides that they don’t want to follow the rules, they put your network at risk.

Speaking of gullible employees, what about the employees who go to an unsafe website and get a pop-up that ask them to click on a link to speed up their computer or remove a virus? Or what if they receive a scam phone call from overseas stating they are with Microsoft and you need to allow them to remote on their computer to fix some problem. Allowing a hacker to remote on a computer connected to your network could put you in jeopardy of a ransomware attack.

Losing your IT network is often time-consuming and very expensive. At CIS, we understand this. We also know that businesses are constantly challenged by the tasks of managing the demands of business growth while coping with continuous technology challenges. That’s why we offer managed network services.

Let CIS focus on the technology; you focus on your business. Contact us today, and one of our Cybersecurity Specialists will call to talk to you about your current Cybersecurity situation and how you can protect yourself.

Published On: April 13, 2018Categories: Cybersecurity, Managed IT Services