What if your IT guy got hit by a bus?

We’ve all heard the old adage, “What if so and so is hit by a bus?” and at CIS we hear that more than just every once in a while. In fact, business owners and decision makers often call us because they are looking at their options, “in case their IT guy gets hit by a bus.”

Aside from the bus scenario:

  • What if he retires?
  • What if he gets a serious illness?
  • What if he moves to another state?
  • What if he has a new higher paying job?
  • What if he gets thrown in jail?
  • What if he just disappears one day and you never hear from him again?

Often, when we are meeting with business leaders about their IT, they tell us, “We have a guy. Yeah, Joe. Joe’s been helping us out for years. Joe knows our system. Joe is basically a member of the family.” Well, that’s great for today, but what happens if Joe disappears tomorrow?



Where did Joe keep the documentation?

Has your long-term IT guy who knows your system in and out been documenting your network setup and processes? In the IT world, documentation is essential at nearly every stage. Anyone directly involved with your IT should be creating documentation of all things relevant to your IT systems. This goes way beyond your IT plans or budget.

Documentation is needed for:

  1. Network diagrams
  2. Security policies
  3. IT assets , and
  4. Disaster recovery policies
  5. Protocols

Yet, often one-man-shops, like Joe (your IT guy), fail to document the important aspects of your systems.

At CIS, we’ve seen it all too often. A business has an “IT guy”, who just knew the ins-and-outs. Then he just disappeared one day, leaving the company completely blindsided. They don’t know how exactly their systems were set up, or what their systems actually entailed.

After you lose a person that knew your system but never documented it, you will have to get someone to map out your entire system from scratch. Consequently, that could take a lot of time. And if a disaster happens before you get a new IT partner, you’ll be in the dark about steps to take for your disaster recovery plan. This could result in the loss of precious customer data, intellectual items, or days of downtime. We offer a FREE 30 min Gap Analysis to pinpoint your weaknesses using a proactive approach. .


Insourcing vs. Outsourcing (IT Guy vs. a trusted MSP) 

Businesses now, more than ever, are heavily dependent on technology and IT. With the pandemic moving many businesses to fully remote or hybrid their risks have multiplied over night. In this brave new world good ol’ Joe the IT guy just won’t cut it.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Investments
  • Expertise
  • Cost savings
  • Try before you buy
  • Flexibility
  • A partner invested in your business
  • A range of talent to cover your IT needs (in case one guy gets hit by a bus)

Having a reputable experienced managed service provider to not only “fix” your IT problems but also manage and implement tried and true processes to your network infrastructure is paramount to your companies success. At Custom Information Services, we have spent three decades formalizing the best practices to ensure that your systems run efficiently and effectively.

If your “IT guy” recently disappeared, or if you would like to know how vulnerable your company is, book some time with us today …we can help!

Published On: September 27, 2022Categories: Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery, Managed IT Services, Productivity