Why do companies need a vCIO in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington

Why do Companies Need a vCIO?

Bridging IT Support Gaps

Many SMB’s need to apply technology to allow them to compete with industry leaders but cannot afford to hire a full-time CIO (Chief Information Officer).   Virtual CIO (vCIO or vcio) services can provide companies with C level IT support at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CIO.  A vCIO can bridge IT support gaps, enable operational improvements, and help SMB’s develop sound and profitable business strategies.  Hiring a competent vCIO can bring a positive and substantial ROI to your business.

Managed vCIO services provide similar benefits as a vCIO, but also provide your company with a fully staffed team of IT experts at your disposal to help your company achieve your business goals.

You can read more about the CIS vCIO and Managed vCIO offering in the CIS blog post Managed vCIO Services from CIS.

Bridging IT Support Gaps

Using the right technology can enable small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to compete with larger competitors that take advantage of their size to leverage economies of scale.  However, many SMBs cannot afford to hire IT staff with the skills and experience needed to identify, develop, implement, and monitor appropriate technology solutions.  A vCIO can help SMBs bridge IT support gaps and achieve their business objectives.

A Managed vCIO service combines a competent IT MSP (Managed Service Provider) with a CIO service on demand.  This combination allows a fully customizable experience that applies IT and business consulting resources where you need them.   Services offered may include:

Business and IT Strategy Development – We describe the strategic level business and IT support below in the section titled ‘Business and IT Strategy Development’.

Regular Strategic Business Reviews – This measure ensures your processes work as designed to meet business objectives, and provides the opportunity to make adjustments when needed.

Routine Operational Reviews – Your vCIO will help your business Utilize empirical data gathered during standardized support services.

Ad Hoc Business Consulting – Your vCIO will help your business Utilize empirical data gathered during standardized support processes.

Operational Benefits

A properly designed and managed IT network will enhance workflow efficiency and reduce system downtime.

Focus on Core Operational and Business Functions – A well designed and managed IT network allows your staff to remain focused on your core business functions, with less distraction arising due to inefficient IT systems.  A vCIO will continually review to ensure the provision of IT support functions necessary to maximize system uptime and promote operational efficiency.  The vCIO achieves these objectives through daily standard MSP services and routine reviews as summarized in the previous section.

Business and IT Strategy Development

Key value-added services offered by a vCIO include Business and IT strategy development.   A vCIO with relevant knowledge and experience can help your company establish business objectives and help you define technology solutions to meet your business goals and objectives.  Additionally, the vCIO can help you assess your staff’s level of skills and experience, and use this information to construct a cost-efficient customized managed service offering tailored to your specific business needs.

ROI Potential

Contracting fit for purpose vCIO services should provide your business with a positive ROI (Return on Investment), resulting from operational and business process streamlining the vCIO enables.

How Do I Decide if a Managed vCIO Works for My Company?

Perhaps your SMB can benefit from a Managed vCIO, but you are not sure about the cost/benefit ratio.  The answer if different for every company.  CIS can provide free consultation to help you investigate whether and how a Managed vCIO can help you grow your business and increase efficiency and profit margins.  If implemented properly, use of a Managed vCIO in many cases yields a positive and significant ROI.

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