Why is Productivity Down?

Are My Employees Slacking Off?

Why is productivity down? How did my competitor get wind of my last great idea before I got it to market? My key employee quit and I had no idea he was even looking. How do I keep my competitors from taking my employees and customers? What can I do to protect my business?

Often, employees engage in behavior at work using company computers that will give you the answers to these questions. The employees have a false notion that they can beat the system by covering their tracks. They might be deleting an email and even their browser history. They think by using their personal email or Dropbox account, you will not be able to catch them. Knowing what an employee is doing or about to do provides the business owner a significant advantage. The business can prepare and set the stage for it to happen on their own terms.

Maybe your employees are working on a side business on your dime or taking online classes when they are supposed to be working. Employees watching internet TV or online shopping when they are supposed to be working. An employee may be planning to quit and they start funneling your confidential data and client lists to a remote site. What if you could be alerted on file transfers? Another tactic that salespeople use is to print lists, documents, and contact records so that they can take them when they leave; what if you received an alert to this and have a record for evidence?

Your employee starts sending out resumes and searching the job boards. Imagine if you could be alerted when an employee was searching the job boards or sending emails to recruiters from the office. Even if they are using their personal email from the office computer, this activity can be alerted. All the user needs to do type a keyword or domain name into their computer and you get a generated alert.

You Have Options

Employee monitoring is a system that sends you real-time alerts for unusual computer activity. In addition to the alerts, it provides a recording of the employee’s activity so that you can review the behavior that generated the alert.

It is true that forensic investigations can be very expensive. But what if you had a recording of your employees activities indexed with keyword events to help you find the irregular activity and document it for legal actions instead?

Employee monitoring systems do all of this and more; better yet, they do not require a significant expense to get started.

They are your employees and your computers systems. You have a right to know if they are being used against you. Contact CIS today to learn more.

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